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{with Monyetta Shaw}

This girl is for real! Meet Atlantan Monyetta Shaw. The new author is the fiance of singer Ne-Yo and they are the proud parents of 2 year old Madilyn and 1 year old Mason. It’s obvious… Monyetta loves her job as a Mom and knows she’s blessed with many, many things.

Monyetta had a book signing party last night at Davio’s Restaurant in Buckhead for her new children’s book “The Adventures of Maddie”. It was a small gathering of friends, family and media.  Ne-Yo couldn’t make it but he did send a shout out congratulatory video for his girl and thanked everyone for coming out to support his family. It was touching… I did notice Monyetta wipe a tear from her eye. (Thanks honey.. but we can’t mess up the makeup!)

Monyetta watching Ne-Yo's video

{Monyetta watching Ne-Yo’s video}

Here’s a quick interview with the new author.  The book “The Adventures of Maddie” comes out April 1st.  I read it to my boys this morning while they were eating breakfast and I give it 2 Big Thumbs up!

CT I LOVE the book!  Congratulations!  The book is written about your daughter, but what made you want to write a book about her and is this the first of more to come?

MS  Motherhood inspired me to write the book.  It was my way of scrapbooking mychildren’s lives, it was important to me that they have a documented legacy to cherish for the rest of their lives.  Yes, this is the first book within the children’s series that will include up to 8 books.

CT  I know you are a very busy lady and Ne-Yo travels often — so how do you stay grounded and be the mom you want to be?

MS We are rooted in a power higher than ourselves, staying consistent with a level of normalcy and routine for our children keeps us grounded, and allows me to be the mother I want to be for my children; and the woman I want to be for my family.

CT  I love the page of you and Daddy (Ne-Yo) dancing in your house.  Is this really the way it is in your home?

MS  LOL, yes that is absolutely the way it is in our home; the kids love to sing and dance and have a good time.  They have truly inherited their parents love of music and dance.

CT  You said Dad helps with the poopie diapers… (which is great!) on a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate his diaper changing skills? Why?

MS We will rate him a 9, since he travels extensively; but when he’s home, he is not afraid of the poopy diapers.

CT  From a mom to mom — I struggle with keeping the house clean, finding something to eat, keeping the babies happy and fulfilled …. how often do you have help?  {For example, another mom of twins once told me to get the cleaning lady more often.}  Any advice like that?

MS  A great tip is to clean as you go!  But when it becomes overwhelming, granny helps with the kids.  My family and their support mean the world to me.

{Karin Smithson, Monyetta Shaw, Stacey Elgin}

{Karin Smithson, Monyetta Shaw, Stacey Elgin}

{lil man reading his signed copy}

{my lil man reading his signed copy}

Thank you Monyetta!  You are the REAL MOMMY DEAL!  Beautiful inside and out.

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